Administration List


administration list

Administration List is your source for up to date information on distressed businesses in the UK and the direct contact details for the administrators who are handling them.

Our goal is to take the time and hassle out of distressed business acquisitions. As soon as a company has been placed into administration, it is the administrator’s duty to make the information public. As one of our subscribers, you will be among the first to know when any company is placed in administration. What’s more, you’ll have instant access to the company’s financial records where available and the direct contact details for the administrator involved - all in one place.

Our team of experts understand mergers and acquisitions and have 40 years of experience dealing directly with administrators. We know how lucrative distressed businesses can be for savvy buyers; by capitalising on such an opportunity you can save hundreds of thousands of pounds on a purchase price and create untold potential for profit. But to do so successfully, you need the facts and figures in front of you as soon as possible, so that’s what we deliver.

How you receive the information is up to you. Log into our dashboard or use the site’s search function to find information as and when you’re looking, or signup to our email alerts to receive notifications when a business that matches your interests enters administration.

Our professional and comprehensive information service means that our subscribers are one step ahead of the market. Why not join them and give yourself the competitive advantage you need to secure your next distressed acquisition?

Administration List