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how you make a profit?

When a company enters liquidation, the decision has been made for the business to cease trading and the legal entity will be dissolved. The main objective becomes the realisation of as much value as possible for the company’s creditors and shareholders rather than trying to secure a future for the company, although that’s not to say that the business won’t rise from the ashes in another form.

In most cases when the company ceases trading a third party will step in to liquidate it - in other words, turn any and all of its assets into cash to be distributed between creditors and shareholders.

For opportunistic businesses and investors, a business in liquidation is a potential goldmine. Whether it’s premises, machinery, stock or any other asset, buyers who are early on the scene will have the chance to purchase the liquidated company’s assets at well below their market value.

How you make a profit on the purchase of liquidated assets is down to you. Some buyers might have the connections in place that they can simply sell the assets on with a markup, while others are looking for assets they can use to facilitate the growth of their own business.

As with all distressed business or asset purchases, being among the first to know about a liquidation is essential.

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