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Below is a list of frequently asked questions compiled to help new visitors to better understand the services on offer from the Administration List, as well as the subscription packages made available.

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Administration List is the UK's leading, independent distressed business research service. We provide a digital service tracking UK insolvencies and listing businesses which have officially been named as insolvent through the courts.

Our team filter through court filings and communicate with our established network of administrators to find the latest insolvency news and regulatory updates. As a subscriber, you have full access to all of the information we hold on businesses that have been placed into administration, liquidation or have had a winding-up petition lodged against them.

These insolvent businesses provide a wealth of acquisition opportunities to buyers with an interest in capitalising on distressed companies. At Administration List it is our goal to provide our subscribers with a constant stream of distressed opportunities over the course of their subscription with us.

We do not sell distressed businesses and their assets. Our service provides information to connect our subscribers with insolvency practitioners, liquidators and other specialist services that sell distressed businesses which have been placed into administration, liquidation or are at the early stages of insolvency with winding up petitions lodged against them through the courts.
We have an experienced team that have been working in the industry for over 10 years and have helped thousands of people to capitalise on distressed business opportunities either directly or through an introduction to our network. Our subscribers are always searching for the latest distressed or insolvent business opportunities that suit their individual appetite, whether that is for acquisition of the business as a whole or the acquisition of its assets.

We work with a variety of people, services and organisations all sharing a common interest in UK insolvency.

Below is a list of some of the types of people who use our service.

Business owners / directors

Business owners and company directors use our service to monitor UK insolvencies, either for distressed acquisition opportunities within their industry, or to keep an eye on developments in their sector.

These subscribers are looking for businesses that are likely to present growth potential to their existing business or offer bolt-on opportunities that support their core enterprise. They use our service to look for failing competitors that have fallen foul of the insolvency court proceedings and have been placed into administration or liquidation. Many are also keeping an eye out for companies that are in the early stages of insolvency and have been marked with a winding up petition. These businesses all possess assets which can now be bid on for below market rate due to the target company’s insolvent position.

Assets such as client banks, patents, machinery, property, intellectual property and even office equipment can all be purchased at a reduced market rate because of the target company’s insolvent position.


Entrepreneurs use the real-time data that we provide to find new acquisition opportunities within the distressed market. They use our distressed notifications to ensure they are among the first to hear of any distressed businesses and they make direct contact with the insolvency practitioners we connect them with to gain information on a range of distressed purchase opportunities from client banks to property or even office material. Our entrepreneurs are confident that they can successfully turnaround a business in administration and make a profit in the process.

Insolvency practitioners

Insolvency Practitioners or IPs as they are commonly referred to within the industry, use our service to keep up to date with insolvency activity across the UK. As an insolvency practitioner they are licensed and authorised to act in relation to an insolvent individual, partnership or company. IPs are mandated to help rescue insolvent companies, either returning them to profit through a process of restructuring or, failing that, helping the business to sell its assets to recoup money owed to creditors.


Accountants often find the Administration List a cost effective way to monitor distressed UK businesses, using our daily research to help inform them of market activity which they then use to better advise and inform their clients.

Investors / private equity groups

Investors of all sizes, based both in the UK and internationally, use our services to monitor various acquisition opportunities and target prospects that they feel will offer a good return on their investment.

With all the information you need in one place, our service is ideal for anyone looking for distressed acquisition opportunities and information on insolvent businesses in the UK.

As a subscriber you will receive secure, private access to the subscriber-only area of our website, which details the latest distressed businesses on the market.

When you subscribe to Administration List, you are set up with a username and password which our team will send you via email - this gives you access to the subscriber section of the Administration List website. You will then be able to access the following information:

  • Direct details for all businesses listed in administration across the United Kingdom.
  • View and search the latest businesses in administration and view the direct contact details of the insolvency practitioner appointed to administer the business’ assets.
  • View and search the latest businesses in liquidation and view the direct contact details of the insolvency practitioner appointed.
  • View and search the latest businesses with winding-up petitions lodged against them.
  • Advanced search features which allow you to filter through distressed businesses by sector, by region or even using turnover as a search parameter.
  • Access to United Kingdom’s most comprehensive list of registered insolvency practitioners across the country.
  • Join a dedicated network focused on helping distressed businesses find active business buyers ready to buy, invest or purchase their distressed assets.

We provide an extensive range of real-time notifications and alerts for distressed businesses in the United Kingdom. You can opt-in to receiving the following:

  • Real-time alert notifications for the latest businesses to fall into administration.
  • Real-time alert notifications for the latest businesses in liquidation.
  • Real-time alert notifications for the latest businesses to have winding-up petitions lodged against them through the courts.

When you sign in for the first time we will ask for some information from you regarding your preferences for distressed information, as well as asking you a few questions along the way about the sectors and information you’d like to be notified about. Unless you specify your interests, you will be automatically set-up to receive alert notifications for all businesses across our three core monitoring areas: administrations, liquidations and winding up petitions, based on sector preference.

The subscription process in instant! As soon as your payment has been processed following your subscription online, a username and password will be sent to you via email. You will be able to use these to login and access the subscriber-only features on the website.
As a subscriber to Administration List you will be able to search our database of distressed businesses and view extra information including the company name and registered office. For our administration and liquidation listings we provide contact details for the insolvency practitioner appointed to the business.

24 hour access

If you have heard rumours of a business which may be operating in your sector and you would like to substantiate those rumours but do not wish to commit to a long-term subscription obligation then you can subscribe for 24 hour access and search through our database for the business or businesses of most interest to you at the time.

Monthly subscriptions

Our monthly subscription package is available for those who don't want to subscribe for a full year. As a monthly subscriber you will gain full access to subscriber-only content including full, searchable listings of distressed business in the United Kingdom, contact information for distressed businesses and contact information for the appointed insolvency practitioner or administrator handling the administration as available.

Our monthly subscription is a rolling month renewal which can be cancelled at any time.

For more details on our subscription packages please click here to view more.

We have an established network of sources including a comprehensive list of registered insolvency practitioners operating in the United Kingdom. If you are seriously considering making an acquisition of a distressed company, having this information to hand will prove useful.
Administration List provides information on distressed business opportunities as well as extensive resources to help you capitalise on distressed acquisition opportunities as they happen. Our subscribers pay in order to benefit from our industry experience, insight and networks.
Our advanced real-time administration alert service is one of the best and most up-to-date services available online. We are the only online service that will send you updated distressed business information as it becomes available, meaning that you can capitalise on opportunities faster than your competition.
Our information is checked against Government organisations including Companies House, the ICAEW and the London Gazette.
To get the contact details for a business in administration you will need to be a subscriber. The contact details for all of the distressed businesses are only provided to our subscribers to ensure that we maintain a strong relationship with our network, only sending them serious enquiries.

If you have found a distressed business that you are interested in, depending on the particular situation, the information and next steps available to you will differ.

Businesses in administration

Once subscribed to the Administration List service you will be able to view direct contact information where available for businesses placed into administration within the United Kingdom. You will be able to view full details of the administrator appointed as well as dates of appointment and supporting information about the case.

Businesses in liquidation

Once subscribed to the Administration List service you will be able to view direct contact information for businesses placed into liquidation within the United Kingdom. You will be able to view full details of the liquidator assigned to administer over the company’s assets.

Distressed businesses that have been issued with winding up petitions

Once subscribed to the Administration List service you will be able to view direct contact information for businesses that have had winding up petitions lodged against them within the United Kingdom. You will be able to view details of the petition, the target company and the issuer of the petition through the courts.

Administration List provides this information to help fuel and accelerate our subscribers’ acquisition strategies. If you’re looking for more information or an acquisition consultancy service to develop your acquisition strategy, get in touch to find out how we can help.

To access details of any of the distressed businesses we list on the website you will need to choose one of our subscription packages. If you are seriously looking to buy a distressed business or any of its related assets, we would always suggest having all the necessary tools at your disposal to help ensure your success and keep an eye on the evolving market, however, if you know you just want to find out about a single business, we’d recommend taking out our 24 hour subscription.

Administration List is the perfect service tailored for serious business buyers looking to capitalise on distressed acquisition opportunities. In fact, if you are aware of a business in your sector failing under financial pressures, one of our subscribers may already profited from their insolvent situation.

Administration List