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A winding-up petition is a legal document that can be submitted by a party or parties who wish to liquidate a company - usually its creditors. It could be the company’s directors behind the winding-up petition or in other cases it will be third parties who are owed significant sums of money by the business.

For distressed business buyers, it doesn’t generally matter who is behind the submission of a winding-up petition. What matters is that potential buyers are aware of the submission of a winding-up petition as early as possible as these are the first warning signs that a company is struggling and could soon fall into a more serious insolvency situation.

As one of the first documented signs that a company is in serious financial distress, anyone looking to buy distressed business assets or the distressed company itself should keep a close eye on winding-up petitions for clues as to where their next opportunity lies.

How can I profit from a winding-up petition?

Administration List publishes the latest winding-up petitions and notices of businesses entering administration so that our subscribers can stay one step ahead of the market.

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